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Covers :: Military :: WWI
WW1: Turkey Feldpost to German Internee, Hot Springs, NC 1918 Censored, Very Rare. From an engineer attached to the German military mission in Bosanti, Turkey to a merchant seaman at Hot Springs internment statation.Price: $600.00

Item #c1724

WW1: Fm Paroled Internee, Cannonburg, Pa to Germany, 1919 British Censor.Price: $125.00

Item #c1727

WW1: German Internee, Fort McPherson, Al to Internee Held New York City Jail, 1919 Censored.Price: $600.00

Item #c1728

WW1: Atlantic City, NJ to German Internee, Fort Douglas, Utah, 1918 Censored. Embossed "Examined and Passed / D. USA" censor marking applied in Washington DC.Price: $375.00

Item #c1730

WW1: German Navy POW, Fort Douglas, Utah to Chicago, Ill, 1918 w/letter Censored. The letter is dated 11 Feb and was held waiting for censorship until 28 Feb.Price: $175.00

Item #c1732

WW1: German POW, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga to New York City, 1918 Censored Parcel Receipt Card.Price: $200.00

Item #c1735

WW1: German POW, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga to Chicago, Ill, 1918 Censored.Price: $175.00

Item #c1739

WW1: Philadelphia, Pa to German Internee, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga , 1919. Special Delivery, Censored. Incoming special delivery to a captain of a merchant vessel, seven months after the end of the war. Incoming special delivery covers are scarce.Price: $400.00

Item #c1741

WW1: Internment Station, Hot Springs, NC to New York City, 1918. Special Delivery,. No return address or censor marking. I'm unable to tell if this was from an Internee or a U.S. citizen. Either way, special delivery out of the camp is rare.Price: $300.00

Item #c1748

WW1: Birmingham, Al to German Internee, Fort Douglas, Utah 1918 Censored. Embossed censor "Examined and Passed D., U.S.A.". Post marked in Chattanooga, TN.Price: $400.00

Item #c1753

WW1: German Internee, Fort McPherson, Ga to Inmate, Alameda County Jail, Calif, 1919 Censored. Outgoing from German Naval Warrant Officer to an internee inmate at the Alameda County Jail, Calif in 1919 following the end of the war. Extremely rare.Price: $600.00

Item #c1756

WW1: Honor Envelope 77th Division. British honor envelope used by a member of the 77th Division.Price: $35.00

Item #m118

WW1: Italian 1st Aviation Detactment, 1916. Scarce Italian Aviation postal card. 1st Aviation detachment, Mortegliano District 1916.Price: $60.00

Item #m1332

WW1: Incoming POW mail, Ft Douglas, Utah 1919. A 2c Washington affixed to an cover from Brooklyn, NY to an internee at the US Detension facility, Fort Douglas, Utah, 1919. 3 line violet "Examined & Passed, War Prison Barracks, Ft Douglas, Utah".Price: $75.00

Item #m1384

AEF: APO 725, 367th Aero Squadron. A YMCA post card from a soldier in the 376th Aero Sq stationed at St. Maixent.Price: $22.00

Item #m15

AEF: APO 725, Air Service Concentration Center. YMCA cover from an Air Service Radio officer who has ecently arrived in France.Price: $22.00

Item #m16

WW1: 1918 PPC to Canal Zone, censored. A picture post card from Greer, Sc to the Canal Zone. The card was forwarded to Co A, 29th Inf, Mintle Island, Canl Zone with 2 military censors handstamps. The postage stamp is missing from the card. Mail to Mintle Island is extremely scarce.Price: $95.00

Item #m167

AEF: APO 724, 400th Construction Squardon. YMCA cover from an NCO with the 400th Construction Sq.Price: $16.00

Item #m19

AEF: APO 927 HQ forces in Germany. A cover from a YMCA civilian secretary working at the location of the Air Service Detachment in Weissenthrum Germany. This is a late usage of the machine cancel.Price: $42.00

Item #m22

WW1: Real Photo PC Austo-Hungarian Troops in Camp.Price: $10.00

Item #m2758

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