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Pennsylvania Local Deed Tax Stamps Catalog by Robert Conley.Price: $25.00

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Military Postal History Society, Bulletin Index 1937 - 2004.Price: $15.00

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GREETINGS: Postal History of the Selective Service and the Draft 1917-1976. Due to the weight of the publication, Foreign (outside the USA) will be charge $60.00.Price: $40.00

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WW2 Censor Enclosure Slips and Return to Sender Labels.Price: $40.00

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Numbered Army & Air Force Post Office Locations, Volume 2, Temporary APO's 1941-1947.Price: $70.00

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War Ballots: Military Voting by Mail from the Civil War to WWII by Russ Carter. Spiral Bound. $40.00 for MPHS Members.Price: $70.00

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