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Covers :: Censored :: WWII
WW2: Rio Hondo, TX to U.S. P.O.W. in Japanese POW Camp 1 (Cabanatuan) Philippines 1944. Addressed to Earl H. Wheeler, Cpl, 192nd Tank Batt. Captured at Bataan.Price: $125.00

Item #c4014

1940 Brazzaville, Moyen Congo to Marseille, France, double Censored.Price: $35.00

Item #c5866

1944 Litzmanstadt internal mail Censored. Jewish Ghetto.Price: $50.00

Item #C5873

1945 Enschede, Netherlands to Taumarunui, New Zealand Airmail censored. Dutch censor.Price: $20.00

Item #C5875

194x Nessoden, Norway to Oslo Norway Airmail censored. Denmark censor.Price: $15.00

Item #C5876

194x Bratislavia, Slovenia to BRNO, Bohemia censored. Wien censor.Price: $20.00

Item #C5877

1944 Oslo,Norway to Goteborg, Sweden censored.Price: $15.00

Item #C5878

1944 Mantua, Italy to Geneva Switzerland Express mail censored. Munich censor.Price: $20.00

Item #C5879

1947 Caracas, Venezuela to Amsterdam censored. Released by British Military Authorities; Front cover.Price: $35.00

Item #C5881

1940 Guadeloupe to New York, NY Airmail censored.Price: $20.00

Item #C5882

1940 Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe to Detroit, MI Airmail censored.Price: $20.00

Item #C5883

1942 Puente Alto, Chile to St. Louis, Mo censored with enclosures. NC Form No. 2 "This cover was open when it reached the censor".Price: $40.00

Item #C5884

1941 Calcutta, India to Norfolk, CT censored. Via SS Exemplar. "TOO LATE".Price: $15.00

Item #C5886

1944 Port Lokko, Sierra Leone to Johnstowne, NY censored. Sierra Leone censor type IV, Sc 3.Price: $10.00

Item #C5887

1943 Kingston, Jamaica to New Orleans, LA; Airmail censored. Jamaica censor L8 Ty, SC 5.Price: $10.00

Item #C5888

194* Kingston, Jamaica to New Orleans, LA; Airmail censored. Jamaica censor LII type, Sc 7.Price: $50.00

Item #C5889

1942 Honolulu, HI to Los Angeles, CA; with letter, Solo For Defense 3 cent; Wl censored. Patriotic Cache.Price: $50.00

Item #C5890

1943 Tel Aviv, Palestine to Cincinnati, OH censored. Palestine censor.Price: $25.00

Item #C5893