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Covers :: United States :: WWII :: Navy
USS Appalachian AGC-1, Occupation of Nprthern Japan, 25 Sept 1945.Price: $40.00

Item #20212

US Navy 1946, Atomic Bomb Test, Cacheted.Price: $75.00

Item #n1160

WW2: Navy 10 (Aiea, Oahu) to Arkansas, 1943 Airmail, Censored.Price: $5.00

Item #n3211

WW2: Navy 140 (Espirito Santo) to Michigan, 1943 Airmail Special Delivery, Censored.Price: $20.00

Item #n3212

WW2: Seabees: 21nd Special NCB (Manus) to Downers Grove, Ill, 1945 Airmail, Double Weight.Price: $5.00

Item #N3217

WW2: Seabees: 31st Special NCB (Saipan) to Trenton, NJ, 1944 Airmail, Censored. Postmarked 7 days after there arrival.Price: $8.00

Item #n3218

WW2: Seabees: 115th NCB (Milne Bay, NG) to Newport, RI, 1944 Airmail, Censored.Price: $5.00

Item #n3220

WW2: Naval War College, Newport, RI to Valley, Ca 1946.Price: $5.00

Item #n3241

WW2: Naval Submarine Base, New London, CT to Vallijo, Calif 1944.Price: $5.00

Item #n3242

WW2: Naval Submarine Base, New London, CT to USS Athene, 1945 Airmail.Price: $5.00

Item #n3243

WW2: Navy 221, Gourock, Scotland to Portsmouth, Va, 1944, Airmail Censored. 2 x 3c 50th Anniv of Motion Pictures commems.Price: $10.00

Item #n3244

WW2: Seabees: 22nd NCB (Attu, Alaska) to APO 1, NY, 1943 Airmail, Censored.Price: $10.00

Item #n3245

USS Mount Vernon AP-22 to Los Angeles, 16 Nov 1941 I am Well Postal Card. The Mount Vernon was used to shuttle civilian and military personnel from the Philippines during the invasion.Price: $200.00

Item #n4100

USCG Cutter Storis on Greenland Patrol to Brooklyn, NY.Price: $50.00

Item #n4109

USS Indepandence CVL-22 to Tenn, 2 Sept 1945, Off the Coast of Japan.Price: $20.00

Item #n4110

USS Olympus AGC-8 Tokyo Bay, 2 Sept 1945.Price: $30.00

Item #n4111