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RPPC:Naval: A Sailors Prayer, 1918 censored PPC. A 1918 real photo postcard of a Sairor sleeping with the Sailor's Prayer below, affixed with 2 1c Washington booklet singles postmarked Maire Island Naval Shipyard with purple single line "Passed by Censor" handstamp.Price: $25.00

Item #a2798

WW1: Naval Air Station Porto Cousini, Italy to Portland, Or 1918.Price: $75.00

Item #e0138

WW1: Naval Air SZtation, Port Cosini, Italy to Portland, Or, Censored.Price: $75.00

Item #e0138

Naval:WW1: US Navy 1918, Officers Mail. A free cover from a Ensign in Eurpean water to Winchester, Mass 1918 . Red US Navy cds and double line "Passed By Censor" handstamp.Price: $20.00

Item #h175

Naval:WW1: US Navy Europe, 1918. A 1c and 2c Washington pays the letter rate from a Sailor in Eurpean waters to 316th Sanitary Train, Camp Lewis, Washington 1918. US Navy cds and single lined "CENSORED" handstamp. No Return address.Price: $15.00

Item #h180

Navy:WW1: early Naval Censor, flag cancel. A 2c Pan-Pacific paid the letter rate from Vallejo to Vacaville, Calif in 1917 with "Passed by Censor X" handstamp.Price: $20.00

Item #h190

Navy:WW1: USS Wyoming 1917. 3 1c Washington paid the letter rate to Spokane, Wash from the USS Wyoming in 1917 with "Passed by Censor" handstamp. Letter enclosed.Price: $40.00

Item #h195

Naval:WW1: Gulf of Mexico, censored. A 3c rate cover from a Sailor postmarked in Port Arthur, Texas in 1918. "Passed by Censor" handstamp.Price: $15.00

Item #h202

Naval:WW1: Mute cancel w/ early 1917 censor. Front only.Price: $5.00

Item #h205

Naval:WW1: Mute cancel w/ early 1917 censor. Front only.Price: $5.00

Item #h206

Naval: WW1: Censored Postcard. A photo postcard from Naval Forces Europe with "Passed by Censor" handstamp. Postmarked New York, NY 1918.Price: $15.00

Item #h211

Naval:WW1: Passed by Censor, Vallejo, Calif. Postmarked Naval Branch, Mare Island to SAn Francisco in 1918. The reverse side has a circular Southern Pacif Co handstamp. It is believed this cover is from a merchant marine.Price: $15.00

Item #h215

Naval:WW1: Passed by Censor to Penna. A Virginia 1917 cds cancel with a small blue "Passed by Censor" handstamp to Norristown, Penna. No date or return address on cover.Price: $15.00

Item #h218

Naval:WW1: 1918 US Navy cds on a PPC. A US NAvy cds on a patriotic postcard to Nashville, TN in 1918. Writer talks about sailing up anad down the pacific. Purple double line "Passed by Censor" handstamp.Price: $15.00

Item #h219

Naval:WW1: 1918 cesnsored PPC, Portsmouth, Va. A 2c Washington booklet single paid the postcard rate to Joplin, Mo. Purple "Passed by Censor" handstamp and US Navy cds on a post card from POrtsmouth, Va showing 6648 cannon balls..Price: $15.00

Item #h222

Naval:WW1: 1918 Manuscript censored cover. A 3c rate cover to Seattle, Wa with a 1918 US Navy cds, manuscript "Passed by Censor" and the censoring offical scratched out the name of the ship.Price: $25.00

Item #h223

Naval:WW1: 4 line mute cancel and censor. A black 4 line mute cancellation and "Passed by Censor" handstamp on a cover to Bremerton, Wash.Price: $15.00

Item #h225

Naval:WW1: USS North Carolina, censored. A pair of 1c Washingtons on a black/white picture postcard of US Battle group sent to Clarkston, Michigan in 1918. The censor handstamp is that of the USS North Carolina. The PPC has been torn and taped back togeather.Price: $40.00

Item #h232

Naval:WW1: US Naval Forces, Europe, 1918. A free cover postmarked US Navy, 5 Oct 1918 w/Censored US Naval Forces, Europe hnadstamp and also, Opended by Censor tape.Price: $25.00

Item #h236

Naval:WW1: US Naval Forces, 1918. A 3c Washington affixed to a cover to Washington DC in 1918. Postmarked New York, NY. US Naval Forces Europe Censored handstamp.Price: $20.00

Item #h238

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