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Covers :: United States Postal History :: Possessions
Cristobal, Canal Zone to Hamburg, Germany 1939 Hamburg-Amerika Line Envelope.Price: $25.00

Item #27611

Manila, Philippines to Wein, German Territory 8 Apr 1941 via Clipper. 2 Ocean Clipper Mail. Addressed to Albert Israel Kins.Price: $250.00

Item #27659

1st Flight, Naha, Okinawa to San Francisco, Ca 1949 AAMS F14-40.Price: $500.00

Item #32605

Hawaii: Sc #28 on a 1863 Lady's Cover to Oahu Collecge, Punahou ex Coan Correspondance, ex Goldberg.Price: $1,500.00

Item #34997

Honolulu, Hi to San Francisco, Ca 1900 Disinfested Mail. backstamped San Francisco machine canx.Price: $160.00

Item #36011

Honolulu, Hi to Fleisburg, Germany 1893 via San Francisco. Hawaii UX2. backstamped New York City machine canx.Price: $80.00

Item #36012

Honolulu, Hi to New York City, NY 1889. backstamped San Francisco &New York City.Price: $40.00

Item #36025

Hawaii: Mint Postal Card UX8.Price: $8.00

Item #36690