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Military: WW2: APO 103 Germany to France. A free franked uncensored cover dated 13 May 1945 from APO 103, XXIII Corps in Germany to Paris, France. The free franking only applied to soldiers mail to the states. This cover should have been assessed postage due. Great exhibit piece.Price: $50.00

Item #199

HQ, POW Camp, Camp Pickett, Va to West Philadelphia, Pa 1944.Price: $5.00

Item #20211

Czechoslovakia 1945 Propaganda Issue "U.S. Army C.S.R." Overprints on Germany Stamps. A set of seven German stamps privately overprinted to celebrate the American arrival in the former Czechoslovakia republic at the end of WW2. This cover previously sold at Regency Auction for $312.00 put the commission.Price: $200.00

Item #31050

Military:WW2: POW Camp Maxey, Texas, censored. Censored.Price: $19.95

Item #596

Military:WW2: POW Camp, Camp Livingston, La.Price: $6.00

Item #627

Military:WW2: POW Camp, Ruston, La.Price: $10.00

Item #633

Military:WW2: POW Camp, Fort Benning, Ga.Price: $6.00

Item #655

Military:WW2: POW Camp, Camp Lee, Va.Price: $10.00

Item #691

Military:WW2: POW Camp, Camp Wheeler, Ga.Price: $6.00

Item #692

WW2: APO 713 Unit 1, Nadzab Airfield, New Guinea, 1943.Price: $10.00

Item #9760

Military: HQ Btry, Fort Bliss, Texas, 1943.Price: $3.00

Item #a1521

Military:WW2: Lowry Field, 41st Tech Sq. A 1942 "free" poatal card from Lowry field, Denver, Colo to Cleveland, Ohio froma memeber of the 41st Tech School Sqd.Price: $0.99

Item #a908

Military:WW2: Army Air Corp Depot, Springfield, ILL. Letter enclosed.Price: $5.00

Item #a909

WW2: Van Nuys, Ca to US P.O.W. at Hoten, Manchukuo, 1943 Dual Censored.Price: $450.00

Item #c1679

APO #34 to Madison, Wis 1 July 1942 1st Day of Operations of APO 34.Price: $30.00

Item #c2783

WW2: New York to Osaka POW Camp, Kobe Sub Camp, 1943 Dual Censored, Gripholm Cover. 1943 free posted cover to Erwin Lasher. Mr Lasher was a captain in the 65th Privisional Infrantry Regiment, 65st Division (Philippine Army) and was captured in Panay, Philippines. US and Japanese censor handstamps. This cover was delivered on the Gripholm exchange in 1943.Price: $200.00

Item #c924

WW2: APO 447, Germany, 1945.Price: $25.00

Item #m100

APO 859 Sondrestromfjord, Greenland, 1943, Censored.Price: $25.00

Item #m1026

Military: APO 908 Chunking, China, Attache Office. From a Major with the Military's Attache Office in Chunking.Price: $35.00

Item #m1029

WW2: APO 290 Shanghai, China, 1945. From the 3198 Signal Service Bn to New York.Price: $35.00

Item #m1035

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