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Covers :: Military :: WWII :: AEF
APO 771 to Nantucket, Ma 1918 Registered, Censored. back stamped APO 771 type A9113 & A9102 and New York, NY.Price: $75.00

Item #m5786

APO 752B, Alpes Maritimes Rehab Center, Cannes to Jersey City, NJ 1918 (RARE).Price: $50.00

Item #m5787

APO 709 to Newton, Ma 1918 Registered, Censored Type A9102. back stamped New York, NY.Price: $75.00

Item #m5790

AEF Member w/French Amy to Detroit, Mi 1918, Censored.Price: $20.00

Item #m5793

AEF Member w/French Military to London, England 1917 Censored,.Price: $20.00

Item #m5797

Nice, France to AEF Evacuation Hospital #7, fwd to #90 1918. back stamped APO 751.Price: $20.00

Item #m5802