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Dress Parade, Fort Lawton, Seattle, Wa, mint.Price: $5.00

Item #21983

RPPC: Air View of Bremerton and Bremerton Naval Yard, mint.Price: $6.00

Item #21986

Officer's Quarters, Bremerton Naval Yard, Washington, mint.Price: $5.00

Item #21988

Officer's Quarters, Puget Sound Naval Station, Washington, mint.Price: $5.00

Item #21989

RPPC: Rifle Drill Cantonment, American Lake, Washington, used. mailed at Tacoma, Wa. Creased.Price: $10.00

Item #21998

Scrubbing CLothes, Newport Rhode Island Naval Training Station, 1907. Mailed at Boston, Mass.Price: $5.00

Item #22009

Photo: Bridge Building & Engineering, circa 1910s, mint.Price: $10.00

Item #22010

RPPC: Pistal Training Fort Des Moines, Iowa, circa 1910s, mint.Price: $15.00

Item #22011

Real Photo:Military:WW1: 3rd Oregon Infantry Band, Unused.Price: $25.00

Item #m2340

WW1: Real Photo Postcard: On the Ready.Price: $10.00

Item #n2015

RPPC: USS Texas, Battleship. Mint, Stained.Price: $10.00

Item #pc268

U.S. Navy Light Cruiser, linen, Mint.Price: $5.00

Item #pc274

Military: National Society Army of the Philippines, Mint Postcard.Price: $25.00

Item #pc392

Firing 12in Mortar, US Army, 1900's.Price: $20.00

Item #pc408

Military Barracks, Wanchai District, Hong Kong, 1900's.Price: $30.00

Item #pc409

Sunday Services in the Field, 1900's.Price: $15.00

Item #pc410

Cassions at a Train Station, 1918.Price: $20.00

Item #pc411

Lowering the Flag, Camp Foster, Kacksonville, Fl 1930.Price: $4.00

Item #pc447