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Spanish-American War: 1898 Colorful Embossed Patriotic Cover fm Holyoke, Mass. A #10 colorful embossed Patriotic cover from Holyoke to Westboro, Mass in 1898. Rare (h/s).Price: $375.00

Item #13831

Spanish-American War: Military Sta #1, Manila, Philippine > Dubuque, Iowa, 1900. From 32nd Regiment. Backstamped Dubuque, Iowa 1900.Price: $100.00

Item #m2788

Military Station #1, Manila, Philippines to Portland, Or 1899.Price: $25.00

Item #m2867

Spanish- American War: San Fernando, Philippines to Bradford, Ma 1899. Backstamped Haverhill, Ma.Price: $175.00

Item #m3170

Spanish-American War: Military Sta #10 (Cuba) to Washington DC 1899. backstamped Washington DC. Cover has been slightly reuced.Price: $100.00

Item #m4359

Spanish-American War: Ager to University, Calif. 1898 Patriotic. backstamped University station.Price: $125.00

Item #m4443

Spanish-American War: Camp Barrett to San Jose, Ca 1898, Patriotic cover w/letter. Camp Barrett was a temporary camp for a few mouth for the 8th Regiment of California Volunteers. The camp was located at Fruitvale (now part of Oakland). The camp was open June 1898 and closed Sept 14 1898.Price: $20.00

Item #m4910