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Covers :: Military :: WWII :: Marine Corp
Marine Corp: Marine Detachment, Argentia, Newfoundland, 1941.Price: $5.00

Item #n1523

Marine Corp: Marine Detachment, Antigua, Leeward Islands, 1941.Price: $7.00

Item #n1525

USMC 3rd Def Batt, Midway Is to Grants Pass, Or. 1941, Midway Cachet, 30c Winged Globe.Price: $250.00

Item #n2684

WW2: Marine Corp Unit #590 to Syracuse, NY, 1943 Airmail Special Delivery. 2 x 3c Win the War & 2 x 6c Transports.Price: $35.00

Item #n3815

WW2: USMC Unit 305A, American Samoa to Thomaston, CT, 1942 Registered. Prexies. Mail from Tutuila w/21 1c Prexies. Surface was free, registration was 20c. 1c overpaid.Price: $200.00

Item #n4168

USMC: Paris Island, SC to Denver, Co 1945.Price: $5.00

Item #n4181

USMC: VMF-321 Barakoma, New Georgia to Brooklyn, NY 1944. VMF-321 "Hell's Angels" were credited with 39 Japanese kills.Price: $17.50

Item #n4184

First Marine Brigade Provisional, Iceland to Orlando, FL 1942, Naval Censor. 3c Prexie booklet single.Price: $75.00

Item #n4786

21st Marine Reg, 3rd Div Guam to Point Pleasant, NJ 1944. The 21st Marine Regiment landed in the initial amphibious assault to capture Guam. This cover was mail while Guam was still a battlefield. Many covers of battlefield origin are often water stained. The stationary used was often brought ashore in the Marine's pack during the landing and in the process the stationary became wet when the canvas packs absorbed the water from the landing or battlefield rain.Price: $50.00

Item #n6167

16th Defense Batt, Johnson Island to Burbank, Ca 1943.Price: $50.00

Item #n6169

Marines: Special Weapons Group, 7th Defense Batt to Philadelphia, Pa 1945 Censored.Price: $10.00

Item #n6182

WW2: US Marine Corp, Midway Island to Pasadena, Ca 1942w "V Passed V Marine Censor DWJR" 1 1/2c Prexie.Price: $50.00

Item #n6243

1st Marine Provisional (Iceland) to Salem, Or 1942, Censored, 3c Prexie.Price: $25.00

Item #n6268

WW2: USMC: 5th Marine Regmt, Battle of Cape Gloucester, to Detroit, Mi 1944.Price: $15.00

Item #n6351

WW2: USMC: 9th Defense Batt, Guam, to Hastings, Ne 1944.Price: $15.00

Item #n6352

WW2: HQ 6th Marines, Wellington, NZ to West Los Angeles, Ca 1943.Price: $5.00

Item #n6430

US Marine Corps Recruit Station, San Diego, Ca to Corpus Christi, Tx 1943.Price: $10.00

Item #n6488

US Marine Unit #845 (Noumea, New Caledonia) to Chelsea, Ma 1943 Special Delivery Airmail. backstamped Chelsea.Price: $25.00

Item #n6570

USMC Sea School, San Diego, Ca to Minneapolis, MN 1943.Price: $10.00

Item #n6604

WW2: Co H, 2nd Bat, 22nd Marines to Germantown 1943 Heavily Censored Letter.Price: $50.00

Item #n6624

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