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Covers :: Military :: WWI :: AEF
WW1: APO 939 Base Hospital 100, Army Nurse. A picture postcard of Lyon from an Army Nurse at the Savenay Hospital Center.Price: $35.00

Item #m1227

WW1: APO 723A Base Hospital 20, Chatel Guyon. A picture post ard from an Officer at Base Hospital 20, located at the former resort Chatel Guyon, wher it treated tuberculosis patients.Price: $20.00

Item #m1240

WW1: APO 3, 1917 1st Division. A small cover from an individual who was a member of the 1st division, AEF Censor No 5 ws used by this division during the war.Price: $30.00

Item #m1254

WW1: APO 800, IX Corps Paris. A Knight's of Columbus cover from a soldier assigned to IX Corps, Paris, France.Price: $35.00

Item #m1263

WW1: APO 944, Antwerp, Belgium Occ Troops. An picture post card of Brussels from an NCO member of the Supply Port for Occupation Troops.Price: $25.00

Item #m1275

WW1: APO 927 Occupation Forces, Coblenz, Germany. A YMCA cover from an NCO assigned to American Forces in Germay, 9th Guard Company in Coblenz.Price: $50.00

Item #m1279

WW1: AEF, 1918 "RENNES" reverse canx. Cancellation type A8301, "rennes" reverse circular canx.Price: $175.00

Item #m128

WW1: APO 909 Beaume Hospital Center. A YMCA cover with no unit identification.Price: $20.00

Item #m1288

WW1: APO 724, 400th Aero Sqn, Issoudon, France. Letter enclosed.Price: $50.00

Item #m1303

WW1: AEF: Safe Arrival Card, Red Cross.Price: $10.00

Item #m1306

WW1: 493rd Aero Squadron to Seattle, Wa 1918.Price: $25.00

Item #m1331

WW1; AEF: Passed By Censor Circular Handstamp, APO 738. Capt, QMC in reg handstamped inside censor cds. On a picture postcard of Chateauroux, France to Holten, Kansas, 1918.Price: $15.00

Item #m1494

WW1: APO 702 YMCA cover, 1918, Naval Censor.Price: $20.00

Item #m1499

WW1: APO 788 160th Infantry, 1919, Censored Letter sheet.Price: $10.00

Item #m1519

WW1: APO 731A, 1919, Picture Postcard of Nancy, France, Censored.Price: $10.00

Item #m1520

WW1: YMCA Envelope, 134th Medical Batt.Price: $10.00

Item #m1523

WW1: Knight's of Columbus War Activities Stateside Cover, Ala to Conn, 1918. Solo 3c Washington adhered to covers.Price: $5.00

Item #m1538

WW1: Ohio to 334th Infantry, AEF France, Fwd Numerous Times before R.T.S., 1919.Price: $20.00

Item #m1547

WW1: APO 710, US Marine in 3rd Army, Occupation 1919.Price: $60.00

Item #m1548

WW1: Fort Collins, CO to AEF France APO 161 1919, RTS, Unit Disbanded, Well Traveled Cover.Price: $20.00

Item #m1553

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