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Civil War: Shebyville, TN to Moline, ILL 1863 Patriotic Cover. Embossed Gen McClellan, Commander of the Federal Forces of the Potomac.Price: $350.00

Item #22957

Civil War: Confederate POW, Ft Delaware to Confederate POW, Point Lookout, MD 1864. Confederate POW to Confederate POW cover are very uncommon. The large "E" is the censor marking. This cover front has been expertly rebacked. .Price: $200.00

Item #22962

APO 117, French Moroco to Wooster, OH 1953 QSL Card.Price: $5.00

Item #24237

Civil War: Surgeon General's Office, Washington DC to 38th Ohio Inf, Nashville, TN 1864 w/letter. Surgeon General's Office penalty envelope. Soiling and slight damage on left side.Price: $75.00

Item #53895

USCG: US Coast Guard Cutter Bear, 1983 Commissioning.Price: $3.00

Item #kk659

US MilGrp Paraguay to Fort Gulick, Canal Zone, 1972. During his time frame he CIA and US Military Group in Paraguay helped train and distribute funds to Chilean Nationals attempting to overthrow the Allende Govt.Price: $65.00

Item #m2757

War Dept, Washington DC > New York 1873, 1c & 2c War Dept Officials. Cover slightly reduced on left.Price: $100.00

Item #m2790

APO 74 (Philippines) to Chicago, Ill 1949 Registered, Return Receipt. Prexies. 2 x 5c & 20c Prexie plus 6c Transport mailed from APO 74, Clark Airfield, Luzon, Philippines. Backstamped US Army PO APO 74BR San Fran & Chicago, Ill.Price: $35.00

Item #m2826

Korean War: APO 6 Sendai, Japan to Aberden, Wa 1951.Price: $6.00

Item #m3072

Korean War: APO 6 Sanyang-NI Airfield, Korea to Aberden, Wa 1952.Price: $6.00

Item #m3077

Civil War: 1873 COver From Old Point COmfort, Va to Colored Civil War Soldier. Cover is from Lt Curry, Disbursing Officer, Freedmen's Branch at Fort Monroe, Va.Price: $300.00

Item #m3109

RPPC: 3rd Battallion Camping, Fort Flagler, Wa 1913 to Davenport, IA. .Price: $25.00

Item #m3132

WW2: APO 902 Ryukyus Island to Torrington, Ct 1947. 1st Photo Recon Sqd.Price: $20.00

Item #m3186

APO 676 Joint Brazil-US Military Command to San Jose, Ca 1955. #10.Price: $15.00

Item #m3210

Civil War: 36th Massachusetts Volunteers, Washington DC to Northfield, Ma, May 1861 w/Letter.Price: $75.00

Item #m3218

APO 99723, Fletcher Ice Island T-3, Alaska.Price: $10.00

Item #m3221

APO 40, 40th Division, Korea to Modesto, Ca 1945.Price: $7.50

Item #m3287

APO 96324, Kwang Ju AB, Korea to San Antonio, TX 1972.Price: $10.00

Item #m3288

Spanish-American War: 5 Covers from 2nd Oregon Volunteers Chaplin w/Interesting Letters 1898-1899.Price: $500.00

Item #m3298

Desert Shield" APO 09760 to Royal Oak, Mi 1991.Price: $8.00

Item #m3306

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