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19th Century

Covers :: United States Postal History :: 19th Century
US Classic: 2x#8A + 4x#7's on a 1851 FOlded Letter to Richmond, Va. Philatelic Foundation Cert. Horizontal strip of 6, red grid cancels on 25 Jul 1851 dated folded letter to Richmond, Va. Red Norfolk, Va pmk at left, magenta double oval War Dept Deaccession hadstamp. The stamps are position 75-80R1e. Pos 75 & 77 are Type IIIa (Scott 8A), balance are type II (Scott 7). Foundation cert. Pos 75 (tiny tear at top), pos 77 (tiny surface scrape), & pos 80 (Creases).Price: $8,000.00

Item #hs180